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Óleo Bronzeador - Beauty Bible X TYPE

Óleo Bronzeador - Beauty Bible X TYPE

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Our Sun Tanning Oil will help achieve a beautiful bronze tan. Formulated with urucum and carrot oil, it helps to naturally enhance melanin and develop a fast, beautiful dark tan. The benefits of jojoba oil and vitamin E will help the skin feel super hydrated while lying in the sun. Powered with a natural source of vitamins and antioxidants, for radiant skin and a glowing tan.

* This limited edition of our tanning oil with TYPE SWIMWEAR has an exclusive scent of summer and beach.

How to use:

Always use in conjunction with UV protection. Apply your regular sunscreen protection, let it dry, and then apply sun tanning oil on top to make your tan develop faster. Keep reapplying during sun exposure.

*This product does not contain UV filter. When exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to use in combination with a sunscreen product. 

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